Why is Reading to Your Child Important?

The reading skills of children determines their success in work, school and general life. You can boost the success of your children by reading to them right from their early ages. Reading to your child starting from the early stage has many benefits and advantages in the long run. Here are some of the importance of reading to your child.
1. Reading develops language skills
Reading to young children on a regular basis, right from infancy enables your child to acquire literacy and language skills. During the early months, reading stimulates the part of the brain that facilitates the meaning and understanding of language.
Unlike speaking to your children, reading exposes them to several vocabularies of different topics, therefore, introducing the language of books. This language is more formal in grammatical structures. Reading thus shapes the language skills and fluency of your child.
2. Reading brings parents closer to children
Spending time together with your child creates a special bond. Reading to your child is one way of spending time together with your child. It also gives your child a sense of intimacy and trust. This develops the feeling of love, care and also stimulates positive growth and development of your child.
Although young children may not be able to understand your words when you read to them, reading aloud to them plays a major role of providing a level of inimitable nurturing and reassurance. Since young babies enjoy hearing familiar voices, reading creates this connection, thus providing an invaluable bond between you and your child.
3. Reading advances the creativity and imagination of your child
Naturally, young children are capable of having higher dreams through their imaginations. Therefore, when you read to your children, they take the advantage of exploring places, people, and events through their imaginations. This imagination boosts the creativity of your child. When you instil the spirit of reading to your children, their level of imagination and creativity also improves.
4. Reading improves the discipline and concentration
Apart from spending time together with your child, introducing a consistent reading schedule with your child increases the concentration and discipline of your child. Usually, young children rarely remain still for long. Therefore, it is difficult to let them have your attention when you need it.
But, when you regularly read to your children, they will learn to master the art of focusing. With time, the level of their concentration increases through constantly reading to your child. Besides memory retention, reading is associated with a stronger self-discipline, which is later important to your children when they start schooling.
5. Reading instills the culture of reading
When you read aloud to your child, you usually send messages of pleasure to them. Reading is a very crucial tool when it comes to learning. When you read to your children at their early stages, the reading culture is instilled in them. When they grow, they are motivated to read on their own and there are high chances that they will value reading throughout their lives. Therefore, a lifelong love of reading is cultivated in them.