Where will you go, Ricky Jo?

Ricky Jo is an adventurous Chihuahua who hopes to live out her dream of finding new adventures and experiences. There are so many places to go, and even though Ricky Jo is small, she sets out to explore her dreams. This colorful book illustrates the places far and wide Ricky Jo visits before his return.

Written as a bedtime story for children of all ages, Where will you go, Ricky Jo is an 8″ x 8″, 28 page hardcover book available at book stores, gift shops, Amazon or directly from the author. For Kindle version, visit Amazon.

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ISBN 0996414819

★★★★★  Love the rhythmic adventures
“This was very easy for my grandchildren to read for themselves and understand. They enjoyed it very much. I approved. Looking forward to more books from this author.”

★★★★★  Wonderful children’s book!
“Sweet story about a small dog with colorful pages. This book is a must for any child’s bookshelf. Fun read!”

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Inside the Book of Ricky Jo

inside the book of Ricky Jo

inside the book of Ricky Jo

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