Reading. We?re always told to read to our kids starting from day one. When I was about to have my first I started getting frustrated at how constantly I was being told I needed to start reading to my son right away. In my mind I didn?t see a point, how would I read to a baby or why?

Now that I?ve had baby number two and am 4 years into my parenting journey, I?m one of those people saying READ TO YOUR KIDS RIGHT AWAY!!

According to PBS Parents, by the time you child is 4 months old, they will be showing an interest in books, and by 6 months they will show an interest in the actual story being read (! From the earliest age our children are learning, theirminds are growing and reading is a huge way that we can expand their vocabulary, teach them understandings and get them accustomed to learning. Their minds are like little sponges soaking in every ounce of knowledge we can give them.

Reading picture books aloud is a great way to start exploring vocabulary, it?s a great way to expose your kids to different types of art and it?s a monumental way to discover letters and the alphabet. Pictures and colors grab a baby?s attention, so why not share some silly stories with them?

Not right away, but with repetition, as your baby becomes a toddler they will recognize stories and start ?reading along? while following the words. Sight words at school are a real thing because of repetition! I was ecstatic to see my just turned 4 year-old learning words like ?go? and ?is? by seeing them over and over.

Now you?ve heard my rant on why you should start reading immediately but if you fail to hear anything else, hear this. Reading is a way to spend quality time with your babies and kids. Reading takes them places, it opens their imagination and you get to be the one going there with them. You hold the key and get to help them learn along the way. Start them young and they?ll grow with a passion for books and knowledge. Choosing to read at an early age