Reading to Children

Reading to children lead to their cognitive development. Cognitive development is the way the children think, explore, learn and gain knowledge. In this way, children are able to understand their surroundings and they also have a better understanding of how they will fashion their lives in the future. If you read to children, you will get a chance to bond with them and have a quality time with them.
With the tough daily routines, it gets difficult to have bonding time with children but by reading to your children you are not only spending time with them but you are also ensuring their cognitive development. Children feel close to their parents and due to this bonding, children feel loved and protected. This way children are able to express their feelings to their parents. The communication between you and your child becomes strong so the child doesn?t feel shy of sharing anything with you. Stronger the bond will your child, the more he will feel close to you.
When parents read to their children, they are helping them with language development. Children whose parents read to them have better vocabulary and have a better grip on language as compared to the children whose parents don?t read to them. Also, reading becomes a permanent yet healthy habit for children. As they grow up, they read various books have a vast knowledge of various fields. When you are reading to your children, they are hearing words and you will notice that those words will become a part of the daily conversation of the children. With good spoken language skills, the child will feel confident and even perform well in the specific subject at school.
Initially, your child will be exposed to various shapes, pictures, letters and numbers, this will give an opportunity to your child to imagine. Your child will be able to express his imagination in the form of drawings and art. While reading from a variety of topics, you will see your child will be interested in some specific topics so you will be able to identify whether your child likes science, arts, technology, or any other topic. Once you figure out the interest of your child, then it will be nice that you get books that are related to your child?s interest as it will encourage him to read more often.
While expanding the knowledge and reading to your children, you will see that the books are able to help the children understand different situations, personalities, the good and the bad. It is eventually helping a child to become a better person and a better citizen as he will be able to differentiate between the good and the bad. Different books come with stories which have amazing morals, reading these books to children will allow them to understand how they are going to fashion their lives.
Children who are habitual of their parents reading to them are better listeners, they listen and understand and due to this they are able to understand situations in a better way as compared to those children who are not good listeners. Effective listening and the understanding between the good and the bad, allows the children to become decision makers. They will be able to take the right decision when needed as they will be aware of their surroundings and the happenings around the world.
If you don?t start reading to your children while they are young and then reading will always be a stressful chore for them. It will not be something that they will enjoy. They will take time to become good readers, so, it is quite necessary that you read to children so that they become confident readers. Children do what they see, so to have them read with you, start reading in front of them and they will surely follow you and will start reading with you.
Whenever you are travelling, make sure that you pack your child?s book with you so you can read to them during the car rides, you can even read to them while you are waiting together for an appointment and the best time is that you read your child before bed. Bed-time stories are for sure the best!