Libraries and bookstores are two of the greatest places for exploring book lovers. It is where mountains of information on any topic, subject and for any age can be found. But the prospect of how to find that ‘just right’ book for your child, can seen to be a challenging one at first. How do you choose a book, how do you maintain control of the kids while you try to figure it out? What if you choose the wrong one and they aren’t interested? How do you even start to grab one when there’s so many?

Well to start, answer these questions and narrow your search:
-How old are your kids, baby/toddler/teen…
-Do they read on their own or will you be reading
-Are they into pictures
-What interests them, sci-fi/dinosaurs/horses…
-Do you want something educational
-Are you looking to teach them something like letters or numbers, or maybe about emotions and colors or how to be a good friend
-Or do you just want to find a story to spark imagination?

Sooooo many options but really there’s no wrong choice. Just grab a book and start reading. If your little isn’t interested let them help you choose. Try a different book, maybe one with pull out tabs or a little stuffed animal to go along with it. Yes, they might not absolutely love the book you absolutely love. And that’s ok. As they grow they’ll expand their interests.

Getting your little to pick up a book and reading with them is the first step to a lifetime of growth. It doesn’t matter where you start. You can start with Cat in the Hat, or Goodnight Moon. You can start by choosing books you’ve already seen or heard of. Never let the fear of choosing the wrong book or being overwhelmed by too many options, keep you from exploring them with your child.