Take your kids on a trip to Ricky Jo?s adventurous and colorful world

Reading a bedtime story to your kids is an excellent way of spending time and is a perfect bonding exercise. You can read to kids of all ages, it is just the stories that will differ with age, but reading as a family ritual will remain constant. Illustrated books are the best when reading to toddlers as these books rich in graphics and are colorful. The pictures and colors attract the tiny tots and will keep them engaged for a long time.

Tiny tots love the colorful displays and vivid cartoon characters in illustrated storybooks. The pictures tell a story of their own and help the kids understand the story even when they aren?t able to read it. Illustrated books will inspire the curious minds of the toddlers and will enable them to become creative and imaginative from a very young age. Moreover, the kids? storybooks generally follow the adventures of the central character and end with learning. Reading this to the kids means that they will start forming stories of their own and will become eloquent and develop superior cognitive skills.

Where will you go, Rick Jo? By Tom Murdoch, is an excellent illustrative storybook following the adventure of a Chihuahua named Ricky Jo. The simple language accompanied by vivid illustrations is an excellent bedtime read for your child. The storyline follows the adventures of Ricky Jo and describes the places he visits before his return home. The illustrations are incredibly engaging and will entertain the kids until they fall asleep.

The writer of the book himself has two grown children, and his primary motive behind writing this book is to encourage parents to develop the culture of reading bedtime stories to their kids. He has fond memories of being read to and reading to his kids when they were young and believes that reading is the easiest way to form a lasting bond with your kids.

Reading to your kids when they are young will form a lasting impression on their minds, and they will form the habit of reading before going to sleep when they grow up. In addition to instilling the reading habit from a very young age, reading to them and talking to them while narrating the story will help you get an insight into what is going in their minds. Kids tend to reveal what they wish to do and what they are going through at school or at day-care when engrossed in stories.

A trip to Disneyland could cost an arm and leg, but a trip to Ricky Jo?s adventure land will only cost a few dollars and some time. So read to your kids and take them on adventures every night. By doing this, you are bringing up an imaginative generation.