It’s Ok to be a Puppy


It’s Ok to be a Puppy is a colorfully illustrated children’s book tells a whimsical yet poignant story of a puppy’s view of the world through the author’s rhyming prose, as the puppy hopes to grow up to be like everyone else. There will be plenty of time for school and chores, but for now, it’s? OK to be a puppy. This book is also a tribute to Momma Katie, the author s family s elegant and dedicated Italian Greyhound.


Even at a young age, we begin to grow uncertain if we are ‘ok’, especially in the eyes of others. When will we be big like the others? Will we be liked? Will we live up to others’ expectations? It’s OK to Be a Puppy tells a reassuring story in rhymes that you are good just the way you are!

32 pages. Hardcover. All books purchased here are signed by the author.

18 reviews for It’s Ok to be a Puppy

  1. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful sweet children’s book about a puppy.

  2. Dekel D

    Its one of the cutest dog stories I have read in a while. If you ever had a dog, you will know what I mean!!
    The pictures are hand painted and drawings are so naive.
    When I read through it, its like a kid was talking in my mind, as my kids love dogs, any dogs, just for being dogs.
    Not all the rhymes jingle smooth enough, it did not matter, the illustrations and the flow of ideas were perfect.
    Highly recommended for age 3-7

  3. valerie celenza

    The story reminded me of me little dog. I do think about him when I’m st work and find my little self saying things I say to him, just to have him closer.

  4. Amanda Murdoch

    What a sweet book! My daughter and I enjoyed the flowing prose and the beautiful illustrations. Highly recommend to other parents with young children.

  5. Mateah

    The illustrations are as poetic as the story. This book is great to read to your child if he struggles with leaving your family pet home alone. It is a wonderful reminder of how prescious our pets are to our families. The underlying message to accept the uniqueness in others is subtle but a great lesson for us all. I would reccommend this book to all young animal lovers.

  6. Heather Marsden

    Really nice book. My daughter loved it as she loves dogs!! It was easy to read and quick for a bedtime story!!!

  7. Book Reviewer

    Just adorable! I loved the illustrations and the lovely poetic way the author portrays this story.

    I felt like I was reading the life of my own dog, and I can tell this will definitely appeal to children. It was well formatted on the kindle, although I do think it is the type of book children will love to read on their own in paperback – so I may even pick up a copy!

    Well done and great story – look forward to more!

  8. Leigh2008

    This was such a sweet little book! I love the idea behind the story – very cute. The illustrations were perfect, and I really enjoyed the pastel color scheme. There were a few places throughout the book where I wished the text was larger. A very fun and playful font was used in the book, (which was great) but there were a few times that the small print made it a bit difficult to read. The story line flowed very well, even though there were a few places where the meter of the rhyme was a bit off. I can see many young children enjoying this book over and over again! I’d recommend this book to anyone with pet loving young children!

  9. Marsh Cassady

    An inspiring and delightfully written poem contained within the brilliantly painted illustrations. Not just for kids, but a quick read for adults too. A lot of thought went into this poem and it?s a nice read for anybody who loves dogs, or having a pet in general.

  10. Remy Agee

    Anyone -adult or child – who has ever owned a puppy will love this book. Heartwarming illustrations and the accompanying text bring back fond memories of the two puppies in my life…one as a child and the other with my own children. Great book to read with children, as it captures that special bond between a puppy and a child.

  11. Jayem

    The story felt a little disjointed. More like ideas put together than a story with a natural flow from start to finish.
    The idea works and the illustrations suited, but there were times where the font was small and difficult to read

  12. Amazon Customer

    Wonderfully written sweet story about a puppy. Beautifully illustrated.

  13. Rescue Dog Mom

    The tone of this story is very sweet and the drawings are cute. However, I found the odd font type difficult to read.

  14. Dorosbourne

    My 20 mos. old granddaughter seems to like this. Cute story with really nice illustrations.

  15. P. Kopiasz

    This is a fun book to read. I’m sure it was written for children, but I enjoyed it too. It was a free ebook from Amazon

  16. Amazon Customer

    Fun perspective of the puppy. Little puppy’s view of life and all the interesting puppy things he likes….especially his human.

  17. lynda kozak

    The story rhymes beautifully and the illustrations are superb! Great story for kids that are getting new puppies and ones that have them already… love it.

  18. ElizrdbthSpeaks

    i love the cover on Amazon … the puppy is coming out of the basket. just precious …can’t find that cover on Goodreads? great illustrations! well done. fun. great read.

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