We Support Little Free Library

While we are not officially associated with the Little Free Library (LFL) organization, we have donated copies of our books to individual LFLs throughout the US. It’s our way of thanking these volunteers for helping to make books available to children. 


Are You a Little Free Library Steward?

If you have a LFL and would like one of our books, please email tom@rickyjo.com and we’ll get one out to you. US only please. All we ask is that you reciprocate with a picture for use on our website. Thank you!

Winter Garden, Florida​

little free library in

Franklin, Indiana

Midland, Michigan

Edmond, Oklahoma

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Saratoga Springs, New York

Wessington Springs, SD - #77778

Schaumburg, Illinois - #50533

Stanwood, Iowa - #52337

Winona Avenue, WV - #97440