Tom Murdoch is an award-winning advertising copywriter who has written extensively for a wide range of medical, industrial and consumer products companies located across the globe. He has collaborated with artists, film stars and radio personalities over the course of forty years as partner and creative director of Murdoch Marketing, an advertising agency he owns with his wife of 41 years Nancy. ‘Where Will You Go, Ricky Jo‘ is the first of several kids books, inspired by living with three chihuahuas.

Tom has fond memories reading to his sons, as well as being read to as a child. He believes bedtime stories are an important part of family culture. Stories have long lives.
His children’s books carry an intended message of optimism for children who he hopes to influence with stories of adventure and exploration, as well as acceptance of all puppies, regardless of the color of their fur. Tom lives in Saugatuck, Michigan, continues to serve advertising clients, between golf, travel and writing. He has two grown sons.


Ricky Jo is an adventurous Chihuahua who hopes to live out her dream of finding new adventures and experiences...

When a child feels anxious, alone or wonders about being good, read this illustrated book together. This colorful illustrated children's book is story of a puppy's view of the world through rhyming prose.