It's OK to Be a Puppy Tells a Story of Love in Verse

When a child feels down or wonders about being good, read this illustrated book together. This colorful illustrated children’s book is the story of a puppy s view of the world through rhyming prose, as the puppy hopes to grow up to be like everyone else. There will be plenty of time for school and chores, but for now, it’s OK to be a puppy.

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Kids need to be reassured now and again, parents get busy and may not see that things are amiss, or simply want to reassure their young one that he or she is loved just the way they are.
This popular book, It’s OK to be a Puppy, sends a message of love and acceptance through illustrations and verse.

A classic bedtime story sure to inspire the imagination, this kid’s book features colorfully vibrant illustrations and rhythmic prose that keep the story moving along at a good pace while making each page more delightful than the last.

Perfect for boys and girls of all ages, It’s OK to be a Puppy helps encourage kids to learn more about themselves and know that it’s only natural to feel a little insecure at times. It’s OK!.

Book Details:

  • Comforting Bedtime Story Book
  • 32-Page Hardcover
  • Rich and Colorful Illustrations
  • Ideal for toddlers and children of all ages
  • Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
  • Easy to Hold Kid Size (8 x 8 )



Ricky Jo is an adventurous Chihuahua who hopes to live out her dream of finding new adventures and experiences...