We?re living in the age of fast paced, competitive, always going, non-stop agenda. Have we ever paused long enough to think of how our littles interpret that? Why can?t we just let them play and experiment, and explore their environment? Why are we so bent on making them grow up faster then they already will? Why can?t we embrace their age and soak in ever minute of slow paced crazy hectic wonderfulness?!

Sure, there are moments when we wish they?d get dressed faster, or stop asking ?why? over and over, but one day we will miss that. Sometimes ?It means listen when they talk, because one day, you?ll forget how they mispronounce words if you don?t really listen.? They are only little once, and we NEED to let them BE little.

Scary Mommy is a great blog with more information on letting them be little read here: https://www.scarymommy.com/what-let-them-be-little-really-means/